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Thomas Brisson

Professor of Political Science

Head of the Research Center CRESPPA-Labtop (CNRS- National Center for Scientific Research – Paris)

Associate Researcher Maison Franco-Japonaise (National Center for Scientific Research – Tokyo).

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Research/Teaching Areas of Interest :

My work has focused on the creation of transnational intellectual relations between the West and the former imperial worlds, examining how, since the 19th century, the diffusion of Western ideas and knowledge on a global scale has led to the formation of both a shared and conflictual epistemic space. I have studied the networks involved in this process (primarily intellectual and student circulations) and analyzed the embedded logics that have led to the delegitimization of non-Western epistemological traditions, their replacement by European bodies of knowledge, and the contestation of the latter. Researching the globalization of Western knowledge, in this respect, also means taking into account the various moments that, from the so-called attempts to "decolonize science" to the affirmation of non-Western epistemologies with the rise of Asia in the 21st century, have seen the radical questioning of Western thought and science.

Recently, I have started several research projects focusing on transnational circulations in Asia. With several colleagues from the University of Tsukuba (Japan), I collaborate on an on-line laboratory for critical and comparative analysis of modernities. I am also interested in the City-State of Singapore, about which I have published several articles. Finally, I am preparing a research project on economic illegalities in Asia, with a focus on the issue of counterfeiting.


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政治科学 教授 -パリ第8大学

研究センター長 CRESPPA-Labtop (CNRS-パリ国立科学研究センター)

日仏会館准研究員 .フランス国立日本研究所(Umifre 19 フランス外務省・国立科学研究センター)

thomas.brisson (at)